The virtual cemetery you are now visiting is a special virtual place, which is dedicated to your deceased loved ones. It allows access to the widest group of visitors - the only requirement is access to the World Wide Web.

One can create a virtual memorial for one's deceased loved ones. This is done by following the automatic step-by-step online guide. Various templates for creation of memorials are available to choose from and to combine. Online help is provided.

Visitors use the 'Visit' button to visit a memorial. They can lay flowers, and light candles which remain on the memorial for a certain amount of time. They can choose between the 'paid' and 'free' options. When choosing the former, the candles and the flowers are more luxurious and last for longer. Next to the flowers or candles the name of the visitor who dedicated them is displayed.

If you wish, you can complement a memorial with a photograph, dedications, or a short biography of a deceased person, which are then available to all the visitors of the memorial.

All the personal data provided on a memorial is a responsibility of the person who created it.
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