Let us not mourn their loss,
But celebrate their time with us.

'LuxEternal' is not a replacement for real cemeteries, but an extension. This cemetery is a virtual last resting place, which via the Internet offers you additional opportunities to remember your loved ones.

The virtual memorials that you can create here are designed to bring the memories of your loved ones closer to your family, friends, and other visitors. The memorials on our virtual cemetery can be visited whenever and from wherever: the time and place thus become of no importance.

You can lay flowers and light candles. The memorial can bear various dedications, and can also be supplemented with pictures and a biography.

Welcome to the world of memories on our virtual cemetery.
20 May 2019

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  on 20 May 2019


John Stuart Mill (20 May 1806)


Christopher Columbus (20 May 1506)
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